Bell Launches Video Download Service….. Ultra Lame!

I just saw this news that Bell is launching it’s own video download service. Called the Bell Video Store, it will allow you to purchase shows for $4.99 each, or rent movies (in better than DVD quality allegedly) for $1.99 and up for 30 days. It apparently has support from Paramount Pictures, Corus Entertainment, Maple Pictures, Eros Entertainment and Image Entertainment to name a few. The people who throttled your Internet communications giant says that it is the first online service in Canada to offer movies the same day they become available in retail stores. Now before anybody gets too excited, here’s why this will fail miserably:

  1. You have to install their video software which is Windows only. That means that you Mac users are out of luck. Apparently Bell doesn’t care about Mac users.
  2. It has Microsoft’s PlaysForSure DRM scheme all over it. Which means that it only works with a finite amount of digital media players. If you’re one of the few Zune users out there, you’re not invited. I guess that nobody told Bell that most people have iPods as they don’t work either.

I’m going to sit back and watch this service get utterly destroyed by the Apple iTunes service as it’s clear that Bell doesn’t have a clue needed to think this through a bit more before rolling this out to the public. One thing does pop to mind though. If Bell needs to throttle users because it’s network is at capacity, how is their network going to handle the additional traffic created by this service?

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