Mac OS X 10.5.3 Is Out! It’s A Must Get!

I rarely say this about any OS update, but after you backup your Mac (to find out the best ways to back up your Mac, click here) you should download the OS X 10.5.3 update ASAP. The list of things that it fixes is rather lengthy, but clearly Apple intends to make the Leopard OS as stable as possible. I just downloaded it and installed it and have the following observations:

  • It does the two reboots after downloading the and installing the update (which is a whopping 420MB) via Software Update.
  • I can’t explain it, but my screen has “changed” as the colors are richer and the icons look sharper.
  • My bluetooth mouse is found by my MBP instantly (it took a few seconds before). I rebooted a bunch of times to verify this. Ditto for WiFi (which is a lot better behaved so far).
  • It fixed a issue where I couldn’t allocate more than 1GB to a Parallels Desktop virtual machine. This has been discussed at length in the Parallels forums here, here, and here.
  • Disk Utility has changed. It now better reflects what it’s doing when you repair permissions.
  • My Macbook Pro “feels” faster overall. For example it boots to the desktop faster after you log in. Application startup time seems shorter.

The main update can be downloaded from this link. The combo updater (which includes all the previously released fixes) can be downloaded from here.

Leave a comment with any feedback that you might have.

UPDATE: Something that didn’t seem to make the release notes is the ability to sync your iPhone address book with Google Contacts. The official Google Mac blog has details.

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