New Net Neturality Bill Introduced…. Excellent!

Liberal MP David McGuinty (who is the brother of Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty) has introduced the Telecommunications Clarity and Fairness Act which aims to among other things:

  • Outlaw the much-hated system access fee for cell phone customers
  • Force providers to provide more accurate information on network speeds
  • Force providers to implement greater transparency of network management practices on mobile and broadband networks
  • Force the CRTC to issue a net neutrality report on “network management practices that favor, degrade or prioritize any packet transmitted over a broadband network based on source, ownership, or destination.”

Being a private members bill, this faces an uphill battle like the one that NDP MP Charlie Angus tabled last week. So I would urge you to give it the same level of support that I called for previously. I do find it interesting though that the Liberals are not supporting the Charlie Angus bill and are instead tabling their own bill. Perhaps by including the system access fee in the bill, they feel that they may score some votes? In any case, it’s nice to see the Liberals get involved in the fight.

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