Windows XP Extended Until 2010 For Low Cost PCs… This Sounds Familiar…

Microsoft announced today that they will extend the amount of time manufacturers can ship low cost desktop PCs with Windows XP until 2010. What’s a low cost desktop PC you ask? Easy:

“In a statement, Microsoft said the extension applies to “nettops,” a term coined by Intel to refer to low-cost desktops that have limited system configurations and are intended for simple tasks like surfing the Internet and sending email.”

This is something that OEM’s have been screaming for and Microsoft appears to have finally caved on this. This could be a play to defend themselves against the onslaught of low cost LINUX machines, or it could that Vista is too much of a hog resource intensive for these PCs. Either way, I wouldn’t count on XP dying on June 30th given that they have done this sort of thing previously with low cost laptops.

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