Fight The New Canadian Copyright Bill…..Here’s How

As you know, the absolutely useless Industry Minister Jim Prentice has introduced Bill C-61 which basically makes Canadians potentially liable for all sorts of things that we take for granted. Rather than go into all the reasons why this is bad here, I would recommend that you look at my previous post on this issue or better yet take a look at this article by the always insightful Michael Geist on this issue. In this article, he actually says that the bill is actually worse than the DMCA in the US.

The question is, how do you stop this? The answer is actually quite simple. Tell your MP to vote against this bill. This website makes it really easy to identify your MP and send them a very well written letter with Jim Prentice and Josée Verner (the Minister Of Canadian Heritage who is also in on this circus) carbon copied. As I write this, over 1500 people have done so. Don’t forget to tell your friends about this too. The more pressure that Parliment gets, the less likely that this flawed legislation will pass.

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