CRTC To Bell Canada: Make Traffic Shaping Info Public [UPDATED]

The CRTC may not be pushovers after all. I say that because they’ve ordered Bell Canada to make informaiton about its traffic shaping activies public by today. Bell originally filed documents relating to traffic shaping on May 29th, but Bell claimed that the info was “Confidential” for competitive reasons, and as a result the documents were heavily redacted. A Bell sock puppet spokesperson said that they are looking at the order, but they should have no problem complying.

I’m watching the CRTC website and as soon as the documents are posted, you’ll see a link to them here. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that unless Bell lies, these documents are going to show that the Bell network is not as congested as they say it is.

UPDATE: There is a new deadline for the public to comment on Bell’s traffic shaping activities. The new deadline is July 3rd. Ensure that your voice is heard!

UPDATE #2: The information was released and is being discussed on To nobody’s suprise, Bell does not seem to have a congestion issue according the the stats that they provided to the CRTC.

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