Indian Call Center Agents Use Weed…. Groovy Man! Groovy!

Here’s something to think about the next time you get Bangalore if you’re calling technical support. It seems that some agents in Indian call centers smoke weed to deal with irate callers. Said one call center agent:

“After you smoke weed, you tend to feel drowsy, though this drowsiness is different from its literal meaning, it takes the user to a carefree state.  It builds immense patience and helps in dealing the stress related job with patience”.

I can see why they might want to smoke weed. After all doing phone support is a thankless job that creates a ton of stress (I have been known to have a couple of beers after a stressful day, or just camp in front of my Playstation2 and play some violent video game). But rather than use illegal drugs, how about recording the calls, noting that the customer was a jerk in their customer file, and warn the customer that all this is being done by saying “your call is being monitored for training and quality assurance purposes”? That tends to make most people behave in my experience. Or perhaps customers need to read this article that I wrote on how to get great technical support as that would de-stress everybody.

2 Responses to “Indian Call Center Agents Use Weed…. Groovy Man! Groovy!”

  1. Yes, but do they supply free Doritos to keep up productivity? 🙂

  2. No, but they get free food. Because of this article, people are gonna get tested. They snitched on themselves. Nice work, guys. Now you won’t be able to smoke anymore. 🙁

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