A New Anti-Rogers Site Appears….This Keeps Getting Worse For Rogers [UPDATED]

Somehow, I’m not surprised that yet another Rogers protest site has hit the Internet. This one is called “Get the facts on the Rogers iPhone” and it’s done the math on what an iPhone will cost you on Rogers relative to what it costs on other carriers around the world. Also it’s points out that Rogers is the only carrier that requires a three year contract to get the iPhone (by comparison, you can get the iPhone with a two year contract on AT&T in the states). What’s the goal of this site? Simple:

“On July 11, let’s be able to hear a pin drop in Rogers & Fido stores.”

Sounds good to me.

UPDATE: Surprise! Here’s another protest site. It already has over 9000 signatures.

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  1. Barry Nesbitt Says:

    Had rogers high speed internet 80GB kids used 135GB total bill 100.00$ per month. Changed to teksavvy 300GB @ 48$ per month. Goodbye rogers 35$ home phone and in May 2012 goodbye rogers cell contract total savings “priceless” and then phone because of a problem I dare you

  2. Rogers is such a trashy company that I wouldn’t be surprised if >95% of their customers hate them are only customers out of a lack of choice. New groups and sites keep popping up on a regular basis, which is good and bad. It’s good because it makes it clear how awful the company is, but bad because we are then fragmented and effort is duplicated. We need a central place to gather and compile evidence of their malfeasance.

    In fact, the site linked to above has already died since this blog post in 2008. Things are much worse than they were a few years ago, so we MUST DO SOMETHING to force the government to take action and take the company down and enact laws that prevent this sort of “oligopoly” (read monopoly) which robs us do death.

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