Italy Ticked At Telcos Over Crappy iPhone Pricing, But Not As Ticked As Canadians

It seems that Canadians aren’t the only ones ticked off over iPhone price plans. Italians are apparently upset at iPhone price plans too and according to this story have apparently started a petition over it:

“”TIM and Vodafone prices are way too high and completely beyond any level of acceptability,” the petition reads. “For this reason, all we ask is a price adjustment in line with the italian market. Otherwise, we’ll be forced to boicot the 3G iPhone.””

The petition has been up for about a week and has over 3000 signatures to date (from a population of roughly 58 million people). Compare that with either one of the Canadian Petitions which have has over 10000 and 45000 signatures respectively (from a population of roughly 37 million people). That says to me that Canadians are more ticked at their telcos than Italians are. Still, this can’t be good optics for Apple.

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