Google Says That Bell’s Internet Throttling Is “Illegal”

A new voice has entered the Canadian net neutrality debate. Google has declared that Bell is illegally throttling Internet customers and they would like it to stop:

“Bell claims its throttling of peer-to-peer applications is a reasonable form of network management. Google respectfully disagrees. Network management does not include Canadian carriers’ blocking or degrading lawful applications that consumers wish to use,” the company wrote in a 15-page submission to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, which was made public over the weekend.

“From consumer, competition and innovation perspectives, throttling applications that consumers choose is inconsistent with a content and application-neutral internet, and a violation of Canadian telecommunications law, which forbids unfair discrimination and undue or unreasonable preferences and requires that regulation be technologically and competitively neutral.”

This is not the first time Google has slapped a Canadian ISP, just ask Rogers when it was caught altering web page content. Although they’re doing this for self serving reasons (*cough* YouTube *cough*), it’s good to hear a voice that Bell cannot ignore getting involved in this debate.

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