iPhone Hits The Streets…. Planet Goes Bonkers [UPDATE x3]

The iPhone arrived today and here’s a look at some of the insanity from around the world:

Anybody else have anything to report?

UPDATE: I was directed to this article that says that the iPhone activation servers has been brought to their knees. You’d think Apple would have planned for this by adding additional capacity. If you want a perspective from the mainstream press, click here.

UPDATE #2: The activation problems also extend to people with 1st generation iPhones and iPod Touch units that are upgrading to the new version 2.0 firmware. I recommend that my readers should NOT upgrade to the 2.0 firmware until Apple resolves their activation server issues. If you do upgrade and are unable to connect to the iTunes servers, your iPhone or iPod Touch will be iBricked.

UPDATE #3: The CBC is reporting that Rogers and Fido didn’t have enough stock, and some stores were only selling iPhones to new customers. This left many potential iPhone customers iPissed.

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