Bell Canada To Google: FOAD!

The latest little tidbit that was in the new Bell submission from last week has managed to catch the attention of the CBC. In short, Bell Canada has responded to Google’s charges that throttling Internet connections is “illegal” with this:

“If there is, indeed, any gatekeeping activity on the internet, which is questionable, the gatekeeping is being performed by the internet search engines, which are typically the users’ window to the near-infinite content available worldwide,”

Okay Bell. Here’s the difference between you guys and Google: If you don’t like Google as your search engine, there’s nothing stopping you from using Yahoo or MSN. You’re not forced to use Google. DSL customers on the other hand are at Bell’s mercy. It doesn’t matter if you are a Teksavvy customer or a Sympatico customer. Bell owns the right of way so you’re stuck with Bell whether you want to be or not. If users could leave Bell’s network as easily as they switch search engines, Bell would have no customers left.

So in short, Bell, not Google are the “gatekeepers” because of Bell’s throttling. They really shouldn’t try to shift the blame to someone else as It really doesn’t look good on them.

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