Bell Can’t Prove They Need To Throttle, So Now They Get Dirty!

You’ll recall that Bell started throttling independent ISPs, which in turn set off a debate about net neutrality in Canada, which in turn led to the CRTC asking them to prove that they need to throttle (and failing to do so). So sensing that they’re going to lose the throttling fight, they’ve clearly moved to “Plan B” which comes in two parts:

  1. Bell plans to introduce 10 and 16 Meg DSL service. That’s a good thing.
  2. Bell plans to charge wholesalers for bandwidth up front, and apply usage-based charges on the back end. That’s a bad thing.

Both would make Independent ISPs far less competitive and likely kill them. Clearing the way for Bell to be one of the few games in town.

What total scumbags!

As expected, this has set off a firestorm in the Canadian Internet community. Just check out this thread on to see just how ticked off people are. The charge is being led by Canadian ISPs Acanac and Teksavvy who have been at the forefront of this issue from day one.

Bell is clearly unable to compete with smaller more nimble ISPs and as a result has to resort to dirty tricks to put them out of business. It’s time to raise hell about this to anyone who will listen. It’s also time to dump as many Bell services as possible so that they the message in the only place that matters.

The bank account.

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  1. Here’s a slogan for the campaign: To Hell with Bell.

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