MobileMe: One Huge Disaster For Apple

Apple’s new MobileMe service has had some serious probems since its launch alongside the new iPhone. Just to bring you up to speed, MobileMe is Apple’s new $99/year service which replaces .Mac and offers customers web-based email, calendar, address book, online storage as well as sync services for computers and iPhones. Here’s the highlights of all of the problems the service has had since it launched on July 10th:

This comes after the somewhat rocky launch of the new iPhone that left some customers iRate when they couldn’t activate their phones. All of this takes the shine off of Apple’s acendancy up the computing food chain thanks to the blunder that is failure of Vista to gain traction in the marketplace. They really need to get their act together in a hurry or they may find their momentum stalled, if not reversed.

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  1. thats why i vouch for webapps like hyperoffice which acheive the same – synching of mail and other information across devices. a lot less complicated plus many other features – shared contacts, calendars, tasks and documents from iPhone.

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