Apple Admits That MobileMe Email Has Had A “Serious” Issue For The Last Five Days…. Sucks To Be Apple

You’ll recall that I posted about the troubles of MobileMe yesterday, and it just gets worse for Apple. This document has appeared on Apple’s support site admitting that MobileMe email is problematic:

“On Friday, July 18, 2008 ( 2008-07-18 ) we experienced a serious issue with one of our MobileMe mail servers. This issue is currently affecting approximately 1% of MobileMe members. Affected members are unable to send or receive email at or access email using any email client software such as Mail on a Mac or Microsoft Outlook on a PC.”

The fact that Apple has to post something like this means that it’s way more serious than they are letting on. The optics of this don’t look good and all of the apologies and extensions of subscriptions won’t matter if the service isn’t working.

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