Yahoo Closing Music Store Sept. 30th….. Wait. Yahoo Had A Music Store? [UPDATED]

This L.A. Times story breaks the news that Yahoo Music is closing on Sept. 30th. The side effect of this is that if you have music from this store and you want to move it to a new computer, you can’t because the servers that control the Digital Rights Management will go off-line on that date too (which as an aside is a perfect example as to why Digital Rights Management sucks). Although it has been suggested that you should burn your tunes to CD and then re-rip them to MP3 format before that happens. But there is some good news. Yahoo Music users will be allowed to transfer their music libraries to RealNetwork’s Rhapsody music service.

My first thought on this news is that I had no clue that Yahoo even had a music store. Apparently nobody else did either as everybody shops for their music at iTunes from what I can tell. That’s likely why they’re closing it. At least Apple has one less competitor in the marketplace now.

UPDATE: Yahoo has now announced that they will compensate people for buying DRM’ed music.

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