I Wonder If Comcast Has Been Reading My Posts? [UPDATED]

I was visiting the New York Times website today and noticed this article about Comcast monitoring blogs, Twitter and other forms of social networking for negative posts about Comcast. When they find something negative, they reach out to the poster:

“Comcast says the online outreach is part of a larger effort to revamp its customer service. In just about five months, Mr. Eliason, whose job redefines customer service, has reached out to well over 1,000 customers online.”

I must admit that I have seen this in action on DSLReports.com (with some negative reactions to it) and I have to admit that two things pop to mind when I read this:

  1. This really sounds a bit “Orwellian” to me. As a result, it kind of creeps me out.
  2. Comcast might get better results putting this sort of effort into ALL of their customer service rather than monitoring blogs and the like. After all, if you defuse these problems up front with excellent customer service, there’s no need for anything like this.

Just a thought.

UPDATE: Apparently, the answer is yes to the question “I Wonder If Comcast Has Been Reading My Posts?” If you check the comments, “Frank” (whom I assume is Frank Eliason who is referenced in the NYT article) of Comcast has posted a reply barely two hours after I posted this story. As for why it creeps me out “Frank”, it’s simple really. I fully understand that Comcast is leveraging these tools to get “face time” with your customers as well as change perceptions about the company, and at first glance it seems like a great idea. But at some level it creeps me out because of the fact that it appears that Comcast is constantly scanning for anything negative about it a way that seems to remind me of something that China would do. Granted it’s for a good cause and you’re not censoring anything the way China would, but it is still sort of creepy. Not bad in any way, just creepy.

Having said that, I think that if Comcast is able to have better customer service on the front end it would eliminate the potential of bloggers like me talking about Comcast in negative ways. The fact that Comcast is trying is a good sign. But Comcast needs to execute and show positive results quickly IMHO.

BTW “Frank” we have a couple of companies in Canada named Rogers and Bell who have a reputation of having Comcastic service. Any chance you could come up here and make them see the light?


3 Responses to “I Wonder If Comcast Has Been Reading My Posts? [UPDATED]”

  1. It is interesting because social media experts recommended, and blogs are about sharing thoughts with the world, so I am not sure why it would creep you out. It is a great way to gather feedback and when appropriate assist. At the same time I agree we need to work on ensuring we get it done right the first time. We are working on just that.

    @ComcastCares on Twitter

  2. I believe that Comcast’s customere service stinks. My one year triple play recently cane up for renewal. I didn’t renew because of the cost increase. Instead I kept the Internet but not the phone or TV. Comcast is hosing us around by not releasing our number to Vonage. We have been without a landline phone for 3 weeks

  3. From the looks of it rogers does this same sort of thing. But in the negitve way as form trolls, who put down ideas a speak harshly about any one speaking bad about rogers.

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