FCC To Punish Comcast…. Maybe… Perhaps?

It’s being reported by AP that the boom is about to be lowered on Comcast. Apparently three of five FCC commissioners have voted to punish Comcast for their throttling activities. That isn’t exactly  a shock seeing as Kevin Martin who heads the FCC publicly criticized them. But the only question remaining is how will they be punished. Martin backed away from any talk of punishement shortly after ripping them apart. While I would like a strong message sent to ISPs that this sort of non-sense is not acceptable, I don’t see anything beyond a slap a wrist happening.

2 Responses to “FCC To Punish Comcast…. Maybe… Perhaps?”

  1. Now we need to have the CRTC do a peepee slap on Bell and Rogers!

  2. agreed.

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