Apple Releases iPhone/iPod Touch Update…. Apple Says It Has “Bug Fixes” [UPDATED]

If you plug your iPhone or iPod Touch into your computer and use iTunes to check for updates, you’ll see that there’s a new update for it. iPhone/iPod Touch Firmware 2.0.1 lists “Bug Fixes” as the changes it provides. I wonder why Apple just can’t simply list what their updates (with the exception of security updates and OS updates) do. There’s no shame in fixing bugs and admitting to what they are IMHO. In any case, early reports indicate that the backup process for the iPhone is much faster. It’s over 240MB in size, so grab a coffee while it’s updating.

BTW, if you’re looking for direct download links, I don’t have any as you should really use iTunes to update.

If you’ve got any other feedback as to what this update fixes, please leave a comment.

UPDATE: Canadian Apple Fanbois have some feedback on this update.

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