Microsoft Tries To Save Vista With The Mojave Experiment

Microsoft’s latest attempt to convince users that Vista doesn’t suck is an excellent operating system has them doing something different.

Last week, Microsoft posted videos at of a test involving about 140 randomly chosen computer users who didn’t like Vista, but had never seen the OS. They were then shown a prototype OS called  “Mojave.” In nearly all the cases, they liked what they saw. At the end, they were told the OS was actually Vista. Many had “Oh Wow” and “Really” reactions to the news which would give you the impression that if you just use Vista, you’ll like it.

Too bad that this “experiment” is horribly flawed. Why? Vista’s issues are more than skin deep. I don’t mind the eye candy myself (of course there’s the fact that all that eye candy requires a extremely fast computer with a ton of RAM, but I digress). But most of Vista’s issues are under the hood. Vista has driver issues with things like sound cards for example. Try installing an application or setting up a VPN. I bet you that if you ask people to do that, the “Oh Wow” reaction becomes “WTF?” in a big hurry.

But of course that’s not what this is all about. This is about spin. Microsoft is hoping that their latest spin doctoring will increase sales of Vista and keep people out of The Temple Of Steve Jobs Apple Stores. After all Microsoft must be thinking that if you create people’s impressions on Vista using a method better reserved for a Pepsi commercial, you might win a few converts.

In the end this is a test that proves nothing, and Vista will continue to be as lame as it ever was.

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  1. Winblows Astala Vista. Please….

    Slow crap ola, used it, tested, unless spend lots on hardware crap for games. Took it off my hp laptop as well. Finding xp drivers for that was one heck of a pain. No my laptop runs super fast and does not lag on avi playback. 😀

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