Computer Repair Tech Installs Web Cam Spying Software On Woman’s Computer… WTF?

Here’s one reason why you should heed my advice on how to get your computer fixed. A woman in Florida noticed that her computer was running slower AFTER she got it fixed by a local repair shop. So she took it to another repair shop for diagnosis. They found that one of the problems was that her webcam would turn on whenever it detected her around and was taking photos and uploading it to a website. The repair technician that installed the software has done this to at least 8 or 9 women and has photos of at least one undressing. He was arrested and could end up being someone’s bitch facing a long visit to the big house.

That’s kind of scary. I guess that beats Geek Squad looking through your hard drive for porn. It’s also a great reason to find someone who’s IT savvy that you can trust to fix your computer.

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