MobileMe Was Down Again….. Sigh [UPDATED]

From the “I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up” category comes the news that Apple’s unreliable MobileMe service had issues again yesterday. These postings appeared on the MobileMe system status recent history page yesterday:

* 8/11/2008, 14:30-17:15 PDT * MobileMe members were intermittently unable to access MobileMe Mail using a desktop email application, iPhone or iPod touch. Access to was unaffected. Normal service has been restored.

* 8/11/2008, 12:45-14:30 PDT * MobileMe members were unable to access MobileMe Mail. Normal service has been restored. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Of interest is the fact that there hasn’t been an update to the MobileMe Status Blog since July 29. The blog was placed there on the orders of “The Steve” to specifically to address any known issues with the service. For now, most of the angry Apple Fanbois have been venting their spleens on Apple’s support discussions with dozens of threads from users frustrated by the lack of communication from Apple.

Given the recent history of MobileMe, I would say a better name for it is EpicFailMe.

UPDATE: has calculated the uptime of MobileMe and came to the conclusion that it has a uptime of 96% since launch. That sounds decent until you consider that most people who have “cloud” environments such as Google shoot for 99.999% uptime (AKA: “Five Nines” or High Availablilty) as that works out to 31 seconds of unlplanned downtime per year. 95% uptime means that the environment has 18.25 days of unplanned downtime a year (both figures come from this Wikipedia article). So 96% uptime is nothing to brag about.

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