China Keeps Olympic Athletes From Blogging…. WTF?

I was under the impression that China had committed to making sure that there was open media access during the games along with open web access to media and athletes? Clearly China hasn’t lived up to that promise as evidenced by blocking  the media from seeing some websites as well as keeping athletes from blogging. In regards to the latter, I present exhibit “A” which is a CBC news story (Video: Requires Windows Media Player) that describes how athletes who simply want to blog about their Olympic experience are being blocked from doing so. Keep in mind they aren’t trying to start trouble, they simply want to share their experiences with the world.

Now I for one have stayed up to watch many of the Olympic events and I’ve been thrilled by the exploits of athletes like Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt. So from a sporting perspective, the games have been a success. But this just sickens me. It’s clear that the Chinese mislead if not outright lied to the IOC for no other purpose than to get the games. Hopefully, the world is watching this and does the right thing. Which is to NEVER give China another major event like the Olympics.

Of course, this posting is guarnteed to get my blog blocked by “The Great Firewall Of China” the instant I push the Publish button, but I don’t care. It is more important to me to use this platform to point out the things that are wrong with the universe. This is most certainly one of them.

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