Nvidia Prepping x86 Processor? I Doubt It.

The Inquirer is running a story that Nvidia is about to release an x86 processor to the world:

“THE HOT RUMOR going around IDF is one that we discussed a long time ago when Nvidia bought Stexar: that the company will do an x86 part.”

It makes sense. They have the ability to do that. But before you line up for one, consider this: Nvidia needs a license from AMD and Intel to come out with an x86 processor. The chances of that happening are pretty much zero:

The problem NV has is that both major x86 players have a lock on the technology, and they don’t want any new players in the mix. VIA certainly has a nice part with the Nano, but they barely got out under the threat of a lot of legal fighting, and Nvidia certainly doesn’t have the x86 patent leverage VIA has. NV is basically locked out unless Intel and AMD both decide to be magnanimous, and we would not recommend holding your breath waiting for this to happen.”

Also, I think that Nvidia has other issues to deal with at the moment that may take its focus away from doing an x86 chip. So while this is an interesting rumor, I don’t see it happening.

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