One Mac Clonemaker Is Up For Sale, The Other Says That It’s Business As Usual

It seems there is news from the wonderful world of Mac clonemakers. Why don’t we start with the new boys on the block Open Tech (Whom you’ll recall that I questioned if they were for real). Apparently they have put themselves up for sale at the bargain basement price of $50K. That includes their “trade secrets and brand equity,” whatever that means. Oh, you can pay by PayPal if you’re interested. That inspires confidence.

Meanwhile over at Psystar, it’s apparently business as usual. They’ve posted this note on their website saying that they’re still shipping systems and they’re even now started shipping restore CDs to users too. I guess the fact that Apple is trying to sue them out of existence means nothing to them. But then again, they have good lawyers so that may explain their bravado.

I think I’ll sit back and watch what happens next. It should be fun.

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