IE8 Will have “Stealth Browsing”… Cool!

Microsoft announced via the IE8 blog that Internet Explorer 8 will have a bunch of new features to protect your privacy when you surf the Internet. Something that I call “stealth browsing.” Here’s a quick rundown on what these features are:

  • InPrivate Browsing will let users control whether IE 8 saves their browsing history, cookies, and other Internet data.
  • InPrivate Blocking will inform users about sites that can track their browsing history, and will allow them to block such activity.
  • InPrivate Subscriptions will let users choose which Web sites to subscribe to or block.
  • Delete Browsing History, gives users control over their browsing history after visiting a Web site.

All of these features will give users more choice over what information is collected by websites when users surf for porn. It will also help users to cover their tracks when surfing on the Internet for porn.

I applaud Microsoft for doing this. The question is will they be effective in protecting your privacy while you’re surfing for porn? I suppose that once the second IE8 beta ships, we’ll have a better idea.

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