IE8 Beta 2: Not What I Expected

So, the second beta of Internet Explorer 8 has hit the streets. Already the word is that it’s not living up to expectations.

Let’s start with the “Stealth Browsing” mode that I spoke of earlier. It apparently doesn’t work. It seems that it leaks private data, which is not the way it should work. But this gets worse. IE8 was supposed to be standards compliant. What that means is that IE will support all the web standards that exist as opposed to the Microsoft ones. Too bad that it actually doesn’t do that. Then to top it off, once you install this beta, you can’t uninstall it if you have XP SP3 and the first IE8 beta installed. Now the IE 8 Beta 2 installer does warn you of this, but it is a big dis-incentive to try out this browser.

I think I’ll sit out trying out IE8 and stick to Firefox. Someone wake me up when it is closer to being finished.

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