Nvidia Changing Parts To Cover Up Defect Issues? The Inquirer Says They Are…

Apparently there’s lots going on in the land of Nvidia this week. Not only did they deny having any plans for an x86 CPU, and deny that there’s anything wrong with the graphic chipsets, but now it The Register claims that they’re changing how their graphic processors are made. The Register claims to have uncovered what are called Product Change Notificatons which seem to indicate that Nvidia is quietly altering the manufacturing process of their graphic processors so that they can address their quality issues without anybody noticing. The gory details can be found here and here if you care to look for yourself.

I’ll say this one more time for those who haven’t been paying attention. If Nvidia has issues with their graphics processors, it’s time for them to come clean. Even if they don’t it would be a good idea to say something for no other reaons than to make this go away (or at least to reduce the chatter about it). Right now the company has a really bad rep based on speculation and their silence on the issue. I for one plan on recommending and buying ATI for no other reason that all of this might be accurate. One can assume that others feel this way as well. That is really bad news if you’re an Nvidia stockholder.

Then again, the costs of coming clean might be too high for them. In which case we can expect to see them disappering shortly.

Either way, this problem is going to get solved shortly one would suspect.

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