Day 2 With Chrome… This Is What I Don’t Like About It

I’m now into my second day with Chrome and I’ve started to come across some things that this browser does that I dislike:

  • When you install Chrome, Google Update is installed along with it and you are not given a choice to not install it. Plus other than using regedit or MSConfig, you can’t shut down Google Update. That doesn’t impress me as it sounds like something that Apple would do.
  • Third party plug ins are missing at this point. Not a surprise given that the browser has been out for 24 hours.
  • I still can’t get my client side certificates working with websites that require them. I’m thinking that it has something to do with no TLS 1.0 support, but I can’t seem to find anywhere within the browser to check that.
  • It’s only been out for 24 hours, and already there’s a couple of exploits for Chrome. One of them is a “carpet bombing” flaw similar to the one that Safari had a while ago. The second can cause Chrome to crash.

Does anyone else have anything else to add?

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