AT&A Data Is Down…..Only Affects iPhones? [UPDATED]

Reports are surfacing on the Interwebs (like here, here, and here too. Not to mention that Twitter is Twittering) that the AT&T data network is down. At the very least, it’s down in the North East US. At the very worst it’s a nationwide outage. The weird part is that it appears that only iPhone customers are affected, although that isn’t 100% clear.

If you’re affected by this, leave a comment and let us know the 411 (if you can).

UPDATEAT&T says that this was a “routing issue” in the Northeast that was fixed at 11:56AM this morning. For what it’s worth, BlackBerry and text services were apparently unaffected, which may explain why this appeared to only affect iPhones.

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  1. Probably just the 3G data service is down, therefore it appears to be only affecting iPhones. How many other 3G phones are in widespread use?

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