Air Canada To Get In Flight WiFi… Are They The Next Target Of Focus On The Family?

Aircell who supplies American Airlines with their inflight Wi Fi has inked a deal with Air Canada to supply them with in flight WiFi:

“The Gogo system on Air Canada’s trans-border routes will be available first in the U.S. and powered by Aircell’s existing U.S. network, making Air Canada’s initial rollout fast, economical and simple. Air Canada and Aircell expect that the Gogo service will eventually provide passengers with seamless coverage from key Air Canada cities such as Montreal and Toronto to every Air Canada market in the continental U.S. Additionally, Aircell looks forward to the licensing and roll out of a Canadian Air-to-Ground network that will facilitate Air Canada’s future fleet-wide deployment.”

Since it’s the same provider as American Airlines, one could assume that there’s going to be no porn filters on Air Canada flights either. There’s nothing in the press release that indicates if that is that is the case or not. The question is if there are no porn filters present, will that draw the ire of the Canadian wing of Focus On The Family? You’ll recall that their American counterparts went loco when they found out that porn was not going to be filtered on American Airlines. So don’t be shocked if the Canadian arm does the same thing. You can expect me to post my thoughts on that as well.

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