Oh…. One More Thing…. (With Apologies To Steve Jobs) [UPDATED X2]

It seems that Apple has slipped out some extras in addition to today’s news:

  • A iPod Touch guided walkthrough video has been posted.
  • A document that was just posted confirms that a number of security issues have been fixed in the iPod Touch/iPhone 2.1 firmware. By the way, the firmware may actually be shipping via iTunes at this time. However, there have been reports of issues in terms of downloading it.
  • Bonjour for Windows 1.05 has appeared today as well. This utility, which gives XP and Vista machines access to zero-configuration network resources such as printers or Mac OS X web sharing, now includes a couple of DNS-related patches. Click here for the full details and download it here.
  • The word on the street is that the iPhone won’t work with the Nike+iPod system even with the 2.1 update because of a lack of hardware inside the iPhone.

And because I care, here’s the new iPod Nano ad. In case you are wondering what the song is, it’s Bruises by Chairlift. [iTunes link]. And for added fun, here’s the new iPod Touch Ad. Anybody want to tell me who does the music in this commercial?

Question: Is “Funnest” even a word?

UPDATE: The iPod Touch 2.1 update is the one that is currently available. MacRumors has a list of what is in this update. The iPhone 2.1 update is still scheduled for release on Friday. MacRumors has also noted that the iPod Touch gets an external mic as well. Finally, the song in the iPod Touch ad is Around the Bend by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. [iTunes link]

UPDATE #2: The infamous MobileMe Control Panel for Windows has been updated too. Plus there is now a download page for the Front Row Update that I mentioned in my previous post.

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