Text Messaging Rates Gets The Attention Of A Senator

The Wall Street Journal has a story about a US Senator who wonders why text messaging rates are so high. Senator Herb Kohl (D. Wis.) sent letters to the top four telcos asking them to justify their text messaging rates:

“What is particularly alarming about this industrywide rate increase is that it does not appear to be justified by rising costs in delivering text messages,” Sen. Kohl’s letter said. “Text-messaging files are very small, as the size of text messages are generally limited to 160 characters per message, and therefore cost carriers very little to transmit.”

One has to wonder why someone doesn’t have a sudden outbreak of common sense like this in Canada. I appauld this Senator for doing this as these telcos have to be made to understand that they can’t simply rape and pillage take advantage of their customers. The real question is if anything will come of it.

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