Bell Promises Better Service And Will Bump You to The Front Of The Line For $60

I guess that the competition is too much for Bell Canada because this just went up on their site and this press release has hit the wires. Bell Canada now promises that if they can’t fix your issue remotely, they will dispatch a tech to your site within 24 hours to fix your issue. On top of that, you can get to the front of the line for $60 for new installs:

“Customers who order Express Install will receive next-day installation of Bell TV, Bell Internet and Bell Home Phone services. A single one-time fee of $59.95 applies to all next-day Express Installs whether a customer orders it for one, two or all three Bell home services. Customers can always opt instead for regular free installation on any these services based on Bell’s normal installation scheduling. “

I guess its worth it if you want to get your TV, Internet or phone service quickly. But somehow I just feel that you shouldn’t have to pay to get the service that you deserve. But perhaps that’s just me. What do you think?

2 Responses to “Bell Promises Better Service And Will Bump You to The Front Of The Line For $60”

  1. Leif Thande Says:

    Bell has a lot of things to improve on their service. But the feeling I get from this offer is that Bell really want you to get you hooked-up as fast as possible while it’s the service you get when something breaks that is disastreous, I don’t think it will help the “user experience” at all.

  2. The last thing I would pay for is a Bell Technician to come to install anything. The last time that happened (last year), not only did the technician NOT know how to install a line in my apartment, he left me with LIVE WIRES sticking out of my wall. It took Bell a total of SIX WEEKS to install the line, with three different visits from three different technicians (try going without a phone for six weeks). It was such a relief when I moved apartments – I now use Cogeco for my cable, and Eurotel Canada for my internet and home phone. Not only are these services waaaay cheaper, but real people actually pick up the phone when you call them. So long, Emily!

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