Images For Microsoft’s “I’m A PC” Ad Images Made On A Mac…. How Embarrasing [UPDATED x2]

If you’re going to call out your competition on national TV, don’t use their stuff to do it. That’s exactly what Microsoft (or more accurately Crispin Porter + Bogusky who are the people behind the campaign) did according to this Computerworld article:

“Four of the images that Microsoft made available on its PressPass site today display the designation “Adobe Photoshop C3 Macintosh” when their file properties are examined.”

That isn’t exactly a surprise as most creative types use the clearly superior Macintosh platform. But this is still embarrassing for Microsoft. But the embarrassment doesn’t end there:

Microsoft paid Jerry Seinfeld $10 million to pimp Windows. This despite the fact that during the entire run of Seinfeld, he had Macs in his apartment.

Microsoft used Pharrell Williams in this ad even though he owns a gold plated iPhone. Not a gold plated Windows Mobile phone. A gold plated iPhone.

Doesn’t Microsoft check this stuff before they air these ads? What next? A Microsoft ad with Steve Wozinak? Come on Ballmer. Don’t make mistakes like this. Throw some chairs if you have to so that stuff like this doesn’t happen. You’re good at that, right?

UPDATE: As if on cue… Gizmodo has posted this video of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer going loopy again. No chairs were used in making the ad though.

UPDATE #2: It turns out that Deepak Chopra has blogged about using iPods to attain world peace (I guess Zunes aren’t good enough to attain world peace). Also, Eva Longoria who is seen in the ad has been spotted with a Mac at LAX.

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