CAIP, Telus, Consumer Groups Say Bell Should Pay For Throttling Nonsense

The CBC is reporting that CAIP, a variety of consumer groups, and oddly Telus is telling the CRTC that Bell should pay up in more ways than one for the throttling dispute that they started:

“Telus agrees with PIAC that the apportionment for liability for costs be allocated solely to Bell Canada,” wrote the company’s vice-president of policy and regulatory affairs, Ted Woodhead. “The application by CAIP [to the CRTC] was precipitated by Bell Canada’s actions.”

I say oddly because Telus originally supported Bell’s throttling actions, but has since sensed a marketing opportunity changed its tune because they don’t throttle and as as result they think they can make a ton of cash because of that.

The reason why these groups want Bell to pay up is simple:

“Bell has manufactured a crisis, engaged in highly controversial self-help measures that it knew would disrupt the provision of retail services by CAIP’s members to their end-user customers and forcibly transferred to CAIP’s members the burden, inconvenience and entirely unforeseen expense of bringing this application,” wrote CAIP president Tom Copeland.

To nobody’s surprise, Bell has said FOAD rejected these calls to pay up:

“Bell has rejected suggestions that it should be liable for all costs, and that CAIP is not a non-profit group since it is made up of many smaller commercial companies. Bell has said CAIP should be responsible for one third of the investigation’s cost.”

I think the reason why you are seeing this is that perhaps the feeling is that Bell may lose this fight and these groups might as well make Bell hurt. Seeing as it’s lost a high profile case recently, that is entierely possible. It would be a good thing if that were true.

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