On Hold With HP For Over An Hour…. WTF? [UPDATED x5]

As I write this, one of my coworkers has been on hold with HP Sales for 1 hour and 14 minutes waiting to talk to someone to get pricing on some very expensive servers. The longer he waits, the more likely they are writing themselves out of contention for this sale. I’ve heard of call centers having long wait times, but this seems outrageous to me. Oh yeah, he’s now on to his third person at HP as the first two couldn’t answer his questions.

Has anybody come across anything similar with HP?

UPDATE: After holding for over 90 minutes, he hung up. Then he called back and discovered that the last person he talked to had transfered him to the wrong place. He then got sent to an AMERICAN number that couldn’t help him because he is in CANADA. He was then transfered to “someone who can better help him.” We’ll see how it goes, but his frustration level with HP is rising by the second.

UPDATE x2: The “person who can better help him” failed miserably. He couldn’t get him in touch with the group who could give him the information on the products that he was interested in. The person also claimed that he has e-mailed the group that he needs to talk to and they will get in touch with him. We’ll see if that happens (but I’m not holding my breath given the level of incompetence that has been displayed thus far). My co-worker is now beyond pissed because it’s almost like they don’t want to do business with him.

Because of this customer service debacle, HP basically cost themselves a $20K – $40K CDN sale that was sitting there waiting to be had. Now he’s exploring alternatives.

Sucks to be HP.

UPDATE #3: Someone from HP actually called back…. Four hours later…. They have to get a Value Added Reseller to contact us. Another HP employee contacted my co-worker about an hour after that. Now he has his pricing and info. That was painful.

UPDATE #4: A reseller just called. A quote is en-route.

UPDATE #5: He has his quote. Of course he got it at just after 9 THE NEXT DAY. But he’s not bitter. Much.

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