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HP introduces refreshed lineup of Envy PCs 

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As today’s consumers continue seeking opportunities that help them achieve their goals and dreams, today’s Gen Zers need technology that helps support their pursuits, especially in the ever-evolving freelance economy. Flexible and adaptable tech has never been more important, as the ability to communicate with others, create content, and consume content is vital to the Gen Z lifestyle.  

With that in mind, HP is introducing updates to its popular Envy line, designed to connect, create, and be immersed in today’s hybrid world. 

  • Connect. The new Envy PCs all feature a 5 MP camera for high-quality video calls, a manual camera shutter, and an enhanced HP Presence 2.0 experience. This feature includes the ability to easily adjust video and background settings (and share from multiple cameras) with the MyHP app as well as easily make adjustments to output images using the Rotate and Keystone Correction capabilities. 
  • Create. Feel confident when creating, with powerful CPU and GPU options, blazing-fast connectivity with Wi-Fi 6E, and HP Fast Charge, which gets you a 50% charge in only 30 minutes. Know that your created content is safe with the AI Image Signal Processor (IPS) technology. This allows your device to automatically lock when you walk away and wake up just as quickly when you approach your PC.
  • Immerse. Connect up to three external 4K displays and experience a more natural viewing experience with up to OLED display options.

The specific models being introduced are:

  • The HP Envy x360 14 inch 2-in-1 Laptop PC is available now at for a starting price of $849.99.  
  • The HP Envy x360 15.6 inch 2-in-1 Laptop PC is expected to be available later this month at for a starting price of $949.99.  
  • The HP Envy x360 17.3 inch Laptop PC is expected to be available in May at for a starting price of 1,149.99. 
  • The HP Z3700 Dual Mouse is available now for a starting price of $29.99. 

HP Unveils Bold New Offerings and Partner Program Updates at Amplify Partner Conference

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HP has another announcement from its Amplify Partner Conference today. The theme of the carbon-neutral event – Future Ready, Together We Win – invites partners to join HP to take advantage of opportunities across high-growth segments including gaming, hybrid work, workforce services, security, and sustainability.

The key highlights are (with links to more detailed announcements):

  • Doubles Down on Partner Growth with Groundbreaking Program Enhancements: As of November 1, all HP products, solutions and distribution across its vast portfolio will be integrated into the HP Amplify Program, delivering one global platform as the foundation for partner engagement.
  • Debuts Advanced Sustainable Printing Solutions Designed for Growing Businesses: Launched the new HP Color LaserJet 4200/4300 and the HP Color LaserJet Enterprise 5000/6000 and X500/X600 printing solutions for businesses of all sizes. All new HP Color LaserJet series printers are powered by HP’s next generation sustainable toner, which delivers up to 27% reduced energy use and up to 78% less plastic in the packaging.
  • Leads in Hybrid Work with Future-Ready Portfolio: HP today announced new products and solutions to usher in the next era of hybrid work for everyone with the world’s most comprehensive set of computing solutions for hybrid flexibility.
  • Expands Boundaries for Remote PC Management through HP Wolf Connect: Wolf Connect, an IT management connectivity solution that provides a highly resilient and secure connection to remote PCs, enabling IT to manage devices even when powered down or offline. Using a cellular-based network, HP Wolf Connect’s robust connectivity helps ensure IT teams can readily manage a dispersed hybrid workforce.
  • Boosts Gaming Solutions for Awe-Inspiring Experiences: The new OMEN Transcend 16 Laptop, OMEN 16 Laptop, Victus 16 Laptop, and a vast range of stunning OMEN monitors offer casual, hobbyist, lifestyle, and hardcore gamers the power and flexibility to play and work hard. To bring everything together, new enhancements in OMEN Gaming Hub offer a variety of performance and personalization features.

HP Wolf Connect expands PC management to help close security gaps

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Today at its Amplify™ Partner Conference, HP Inc announced HP Wolf Connect, an IT management connectivity solution that provides a highly resilient and secure connectionto remote PCs, enabling IT to manage devices even when powered down or offline. 

Using a cellular-based network, HP Wolf Connect’s robust connectivity helps ensure IT teams can readily manage a dispersed hybrid workforce. It can reduce the time and effort needed to resolve support tickets, secure data from loss or theft to mitigate a potential breach and optimize asset management.

HP Wolf Protect and Trace with Wolf Connect is the world’s first software service capable of locating, locking and erasing a PC remotely, even when it’s turned off or disconnected from the Internet. This capability protects sensitive data on the move and helps lower IT costs by reducing the need for PC remediation or replacement.

Securing and managing the hybrid workforce is a top priority for organizations. New global research from HP Wolf Security found 82% of security leaders operating a hybrid work model have gaps in their organization’s security posture. The global study of 1,492 security leaders found:

  • 61% say protecting their hybrid workers will get harder in the year ahead.
  • 70% say that hybrid work increases the risk of lost or stolen devices.

Securing the endpoint is ground zero for attacks on hybrid workers

Beyond PC loss and theft, the endpoint i.e., laptops, PCs or printers – continue to face serious threat from ransomware and is ground zero for attacks on hybrid workers. This requires the creation of new cybersecurity strategies and innovative security tools in response to changing employee behaviors.

  • 84% of security leaders say the endpoint is the source of most security threats and where the most business-damaging security threats happen.
  • 66% say the greatest cybersecurity weakness is the potential for hybrid employees to be compromised; with phishing, ransomware, and attacks via unsecured home networks cited as the top risks.
  • 65% say it is challenging to update their threat detection measures (e.g., Endpoint Detection & Response and Security Information and Event Management tools) to reflect the behavior of hybrid employees, making it harder to spot attacks.
  • Three-quarters (76%) of security leaders agree application isolation is key to protect hybrid worker devices, but only 23% are benefiting from using it at present; with 32% planning to deploy in the next 12 months.

Hybrid work security is a key focus for 2023

HP’s new hybrid security research details how security teams are prioritizing securing the hybrid workplace:

  • Four-in-five (82%) security leaders have increased their cybersecurity budget specifically for hybrid workers. 71% expect this hybrid investment focus to increase further in 2023.
  • 80% have deployed a different set of tools and policies to protect hybrid employees.
  • 70% are limiting network access of people working remotely to minimize the risk of a breach.

To learn more, download HP Wolf Security’s latest report for IT decision makers and for Security Leaders.


HP surveyed more than 1,492 IT and security leaders in hybrid organizations globally across 5 markets (US, UK, France, Germany, and Japan) in July-August 2022. All are decision makers for endpoints, network, cloud, or privacy management, and oversee or manage a cybersecurity operations team and/or IT hardware and software within their organization.  Hybrid organizations are defined as having a range of employees who either work in the office, work remot

HP Wolf Security report shows move to block macros by default is forcing threat actors to think outside the ‘box’

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HP today issued its latest quarterly HP Wolf Security Threat Insights Report, showing cybercriminals are diversifying attack methods, including a surge in QR code phishing campaigns. By isolating threats on PCs that have evaded detection tools, HP Wolf Security has specific insight into the latest techniques being used by cybercriminals in the fast-changing cybercrime landscape. To date, HP Wolf Security customers have clicked on over 25 billion email attachments, web pages, and downloaded files with no reported breaches. Further HP Wolf Security insights will be featured at the upcoming Amplify Partner Conference, March 28-30, McCormick Place Chicago.

From February 2022, Microsoft began blocking macros in Office files by default, making it harder for attackers to run malicious code. Data collected by the HP Threat Research team shows that from Q2 2022, attackers have been diversifying their techniques to find new ways to breach devices and steal data. Based on data from millions of endpoints running HP Wolf Security, the research found:

  • The rise of QR scan scams: Since October 2022, HP has seen almost daily QR code “scan scam” campaigns. These scams trick users into scanning QR codes from their PCs using their mobile devices – potentially to take advantage of weaker phishing protection and detection on such devices. QR codes direct users to malicious websites asking for credit and debit card details. Examples in Q4 included phishing campaigns masquerading as parcel delivery companies seeking payment.
  • HP noted a 38% rise in malicious PDF attachments: Recent attacks use embedded images that link to encrypted malicious ZIP files, bypassing web gateway scanners. The PDF instructions contain a password that the user is tricked into entering to unpack a ZIP file, deploying QakBot or IcedID malware to gain unauthorized access to systems, which are used as beachheads to deploy ransomware.
  • 42% of malware was delivered inside archive files like ZIP, RAR, and IMG: The popularity of archives has risen 20% since Q1 2022, as threat actors switch to scripts to run their payloads. This is compared to 38% of malware delivered through Office files such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 

In Q4, HP also found 24 popular software projects imitated in malvertising campaigns used to infect PCs with eight malware families – compared to just two similar campaigns in the previous year. The attacks rely on users clicking on search engine advertisements, which lead to malicious websites that look almost identical to the real websites. 

HP Wolf Security runs risky tasks like opening email attachments, downloading files and clicking links in isolated, micro-virtual machines (micro-VMs) to protect users, capturing detailed traces of attempted infections. HP’s application isolation technology mitigates threats that might slip past other security tools and provides unique insights into novel intrusion techniques and threat actor behavior. 

The full report can be found here:

HP Engineers Extreme Performance with Z By HP

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HP Inc. announced its new Z by HP high-performance workstation desktop lineup, engineered to change what is possible within complex, data rich workflows. HP is advancing hybrid workforce management with the HP Anyware Remote System Controller, a device that gives IT departments the management capabilities to support high performance devices from anywhere.

The complex workflows in industries spanning media and entertainment, data science, and engineering mean increased time pressure and the need for more compute power to deliver faster results. They also highlight a need to iterate with remote teams and push creative boundaries to deliver more accurate results. The new Z by HP Z4, Z6, Z8, and Z8 Fury desktops, powered by Intel®, deliver the scalable balance of CPU and GPU compute needed to fuel new levels of speed, accuracy, and creativity.

Extreme Workstation Performance

Z by HP innovations start with the customer to deliver the performance benefits needed whether it’s importing and working with large models and assemblies, running complex simulations, or training complex deep learning and machine learning models faster. The latest Z workstation desktops include up to 56 CPU cores and four high-end GPUs in the Z8 Fury G5. The Z4, Z6, Z8, and our all-new Z8 Fury, provide a variety of configurations to meet every workflow challenge for each of these segments. From our best-selling workhorse, the Z4, to the extreme performance of the Z8 Fury, Z by HP has the right workstation for every workflow.

  • The Z8 Fury G5 delivers powerful performance while staying cool and quiet under high-performance workflows with up to 56 cores in a single CPU and unleashing the power of four high-end double-wide GPUs with 2TB of DDR5 memory due to transformative single socket technology. Now you can breeze through even the most complex deep learning, virtual production, and VFX.
  • The HP Z4 G5 tackles advanced workflows from machine learning to advanced video editing with an evolutionary advancement of up to a 24-core CPU, two high-end GPUs, up to 512GB of RAM. The Z4 G5 accelerates a wide range of professional apps to advance intensive workflows and provides plenty of room to expand as workflows evolves.
  • The HP Z6 G5 accelerates graphics-intensive workflows with multiple GPUs based on the increased PCIe expandability of the latest Intel® Xeon® W-3400 processor architecture. With up to 36 processing cores, three high-end graphics cards, and 1TB of DDR5 memory, the Z6 G5 delivers significant performance for users demanding a machine that scales with their increased model and dataset complexity.
  • The HP Z8 G5 is designed for users who demand the most processing compute for CPU-intensive workflows to accelerate rendering with real-time ray tracing, data visualization, and model training while also providing plenty of room to expand as demands change. With a dual-socket workstation, designed to utilize 4th Gen Intel Xeon, it delivers up to 64 system cores in addition to supporting 2x high-end graphics cards with 1TB of DDR5 memory.

Consolidate Workstation Fleet Management

The HP Anyware Remote System Controller provides IT administrators a single dashboard with the ability to launch a kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) session and perform out-out-of-band management tasks such as pre-boot access, BIOS updates and re-imaging from anywhere. Through a single interface, IT administrators can now manage a fleet of devices, access secure system information like model numbers and BIOS versions, receive reports, and develop insights, to optimize their infrastructure to resolve issues before they affect users. HP is designing this hardware and software based on strong security industry standards, completing extensive testing, third-party reviews, and certifications to ensure maximum security.

Pricing and Availability

  • The HP Z4, Z6, Z8, Z8 Fury G5will be available for pre-order starting today on
  • The HP Anyware Remote System Controller is expected to be available this spring. Pricing will be available closer to product availability.

New HP Fortis PCs Power Business & Education in a Digital World

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In today’s digital-first world, people are learning, working and creating everywhere. The use of technology in new ways and places for digital tasks has created increased demand across business and education for more durable devices that drive greater collaboration and better task-based learning. 

HP continues to meet this need and raise the bar with its HP Fortis portfolio that keeps work moving from almost anywhere and enables new ways for students to engage at school, home and anywhere in-between. HP introduces the next generation of the HP Fortis lineup designed for working and learning: the HP Pro x360 Fortis 11-inch G11 Notebook PCand HP Fortis x360 11-inch G3 J Chromebook.

The HP Pro x360 Fortis 11-inch G11 Notebook includes Intel® Processor N100 and N200 CPUs and Intel® Wi-Fi™ 6E WLAN module supporting MU-MIMO. The HP Fortis x360 11-inch G3 J Chromebook is equipped with Intel® Processor N4500, N5100 and N6000 CPUs and Intel® Wi-Fi™ 6 WLAN with MU-MIMO. Both devices undergo 19 items for MIL-STD-810 testing with enhanced drop, dust and tumble tests, and feature an enhanced anchored skirt keyboard that resists spills of up to 350ml (11.8 oz) with co-molded rubber trim, for a rugged design and reliable performance.

HP Pro x360 Fortis 11-inch G11 Notebook PC.                   

HP Fortis x360 11-inch G3 J Chromebook.

The HP Pro x360 Fortis 11-inch G11 Notebook PC is designed for workers and students in blended environments that require durability, flexibility and tools for productive collaboration:

  • Hands-on learning is encouraged with a 360-degree hinge, interactive touchscreen and optional HP Slim Rechargeable Pen, allowing users to be productive and creative, from taking notes and drawing to editing.
  • A durable design absorbs shocks from accidental bumps with tightly bonded, co-molded rubber trim and passes IP5X dust testing for greater pick resistance on an enhanced anchored skirt keyboard.
  • Intel® Wi-Fi™ 6E WLAN module supports MU-MIMO and HP Extended Range Wireless LAN to stay connected, even in crowded wireless networks.

The HP Fortis x360 11-inch G3 J Chromebook helps workers and students learn, create and collaborate in interactive and personalized learning ways:

  • The x360-degree hinge allows users to jump between projects and assignments with ease in laptop, tablet, tent or stand mode.
  • An optional auto-focus world-facing 5MP second camera in tablet mode enables improved collaboration over the previous gen Fixed Focus camera.
  • Intel® Wi-Fi™ 6 WLAN module supports MU-MIMO and HP Extended Range Wireless LAN provide advanced wireless connectivity.

Pricing & Availability

  • The HP Pro x360 Fortis 11-inch G11 Notebook PC is expected to be available in February 2023 for $479 USD.
  • The HP Fortis x360 11-inch G3 J Chromebook is expected to be available in February 2023 for $339 USD.

HP Makes A Ton Of Announcements At CES 2023

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Today at CES 2023, HP Inc is announcing new products and solutions designed to recharge hybrid experiences so people can thrive in today’s digital world.

Powering Freelancers with HP Dragonfly Pro

The freelancer community continues to grow exponentially, and by 2027 freelancers will make up more than 50% of the total U.S. workforce. That’s why HP is bringing the power of its award-winning Dragonfly brand to freelancers wanting elevated experiences in their hybrid lives. This group of consumers want technology with the power they need for multitasking and heavy workloads, coupled with built-in support and services for peace of mind.

The new HP Dragonfly Pro portfolio helps reduce friction in users’ lives, and delivers experiences that matter most, including: powerful audio, camera and touchscreen; all-day battery life; and, 24/7 live concierge support and services for effortless productivity.

The Dragonfly Pro Chromebook is designed for individuals who are constantly connected to the internet, want an easy-to-use device with premium features and design, and consume a variety of content anywhere they go. This 14-inch device works to tackle it all to look your best, with the world’s first 8 MP user-facing camera in a clamshell Chromebook, along with the world’s brightest touchscreen display in a Chromebook so your content looks the best in a dark room or on a sunny day. It’s also Intel® Evo™ verified for fast performance, connectivity, and charging, and allows for seamless pairing between your phone and device.

The new HP Dragonfly Pro was co-engineered with AMD using the company’s adaptive platform management framework, which optimizes performance in real-world productivity scenarios. This is also the first HP device to feature one-touch access to HP 24/7 live concierge support directly via one of the device’s four hot keys. The Control Center hot key allows quick access to the device’s most common settings, a Camera hot key lets an individual easily adjust camera settings, and the fourth key can be customized by the individual to help optimize workflow or allow for simple navigation.

As freelancers work to find ways to adopt and incorporate sustainable practices in their work, both devices are EPEAT® Gold Registered in the U.S., leveraging recycled metals and plastics along with sustainably sourced and recyclable packaging.

Work Happy in an Environment as Productive as Your Home Setup

Hybrid work is here to stay. 77% of employees prefer a hybrid model, but being productive in a hybrid environment comes with challenges. Employees now have more efficient and productive workspaces at home. People want the best PC experiences wherever they work but are finding that most office environments aren’t as enticing with outdated technology, leading to employee frustration and productivity loss. With today’s news, HP is elevating all workspaces with new devices and solutions so employees can work safely, securely, and productively wherever their work takes them.

Enhanced by HP Presence, the HP Dragonfly G4, HP EliteBook 1040 G10, and HP Elite x360 1040 G10 deliver more meaningful collaboration experiences with new intuitive video conferencing innovations to recharge hybrid work. This includes:

  • Multi-Camera Experience supports dual video streams and camera switching so users can easily show their faces and an object or a whiteboard at the same time, picture-in-picture, or side-by-side. The new commercial PCs are the world’s first business notebooks to support the simultaneous use of two cameras.18
  • Auto Camera Select uses intelligent face tracking to recognize which camera a user is facing to keep audiences engaged without breaking eye contact.
  • HP Keystone Correction makes sharing a whiteboard or a physical document easy by automatically cropping and flattening images from the camera feed with a single click.
  • HP Be Right Back lets users change their video feed to a still picture without disrupting meetings when they need a break.

As users move throughout the day, new features help intelligently optimize performance and power consumption, including:

  • Intelligent Hibernate learns PC usage patterns, so the device will go into hibernation mode automatically to minimize battery usage at the end of the workday. Over time, the PC can eventually predict when a user typically uses the device the following day and convert to modern standby mode for an instant-on experience.
  • Smart Sense optimizes PC thermal performance using AI to learn and adapt to PC usage patterns. The result is a quieter and cooler laptop that is more comfortable to work with while still delivering the power needed to get work done

The newest HP Dragonfly and Elite 1000 Series PCs contain 90% recycled magnesium in the enclosure case,  5% ocean-bound plastics in the speaker enclosure, and bio-circular content such as used cooking oil to help lower CO2 emissions. All outer packing for the devices is 100% sustainably sourced,  and are EPEAT® Gold Registered in 23 countries, ENERGY STAR® Certified, and TCO Certified.

Enriching a hybrid workspace at home or in the office is about having the right tools and technologies to reflect preferred workstyles. By using the right tools, employees can bring the best version of themselves to work, resulting in greater productivity and comfort throughout their workday. Completing the PC ecosystem, HP is announcing new monitors, accessories, and services.

With display sizes ranging from 21.5 to 44.5 inches diagonally, the HP E-Series G5 Monitors blend seamlessly into the home or office with sleek and elegant designs. The series offers a variety of choices to help hybrid workers stay focused and connected with 4K resolution on select models, curved and ultrawide screens, 99% sRGB, and matching accessories. Users can work comfortably with HP Eye Ease to reduce blue light exposure, and an Ambient Light Sensor automatically adjusts the screen brightness. The HP E45c G5 Monitor is the world’s first 45-inch super ultrawide dual QHD curved monitor for a more immersive experience. Replace two 24-inch QHD monitors with one massive 44.5-inch diagonal monitor with the new Virtual Dual Display feature. All monitors in this series feature 90% recycled and renewable materials, like coffee grounds and recycled aluminum.

For home workers, learners, and entertainment users, the HP M24h and M27h FHD Monitors upgrade home setups with improved ergonomics to find their perfect posture and viewing angle, so users always feel their best. It’s also the world’s first monitor series with a comfort setup guide through integrated display software.

Leveraging the power of Poly audio technology, HP is introducing the Poly Voyager Free 60 Series lineup of pro-grade wireless earbuds for hybrid lifestyles. Whether taking part in a conference call or listening to your favorite hits, the Poly Voyager Free 60 Series provides up to five hours of talk time with adaptive active noise canceling (ANC) and WindSmart technology to block out distracting background noises. The standard version includes a charging case that offers 10 additional hours of talk time, and the Poly Voyager Free 60+ comes with a smart charging case. The smart charge case features an OLED touch screen display with easy access to volume and mute functions, fast insight into battery life and call status, and a 3.5 mm analog input ideal for in-flight entertainment systems. Available in carbon black or white sand, the wireless earbuds feature a sleek, modern design for all-day comfort and flexibility. With the Poly Lens Mobile App, users can personalize their Poly device settings while IT teams can manage and receive insights.

The HP 620/625 FHD Webcam helps users look and sound their best throughout the day. This Zoom-certified FHD 1080p webcam has dual noise-reduction microphones, an adjustable field of view, and video features, including auto-focus, AI face framing, and background light enhancement. For easy, fast, and secure logins, the webcam saves precious seconds with Windows Hello facial recognition compatibility. The webcam captures every angle with a 360-degree swivel and 90-degree tilt for extra flexibility. Sustainability features include 71% post-consumer recycled plastic and 100% recyclable packaging.

The HP 710 Rechargeable Silent Mouse allows users to work where they need to with a compact design, silent clicks, and up to 90 days of battery life. With six programmable buttons for custom shortcuts, users can maximize their workflow and work seamlessly with multi-OS compatibility across three saved devices. The device is made from 60% post-consumer recycled plastics. Engineered for the Intel® Evo™ laptops accessories program, the mouse provides seamless connectivity and reliability when paired with Intel® Evo™ laptops.

HP Carbon Neutral Computing Services help organizations drive toward a low-carbon future with two options to offset the carbon footprint of their eligible HP business PCs. Customers can choose to offset the carbon released during production and system delivery or through the entire device lifecycle, so their PCs remain carbon neutral through the end of use. HP integrates high-quality carbon offsets into each device, from product manufacturing to daily PC use, to help organizations accelerate their carbon neutrality goals. HP also offers customers a Sustainability Benefit Report that easily captures the sustainable impact of their carbon-neutral HP PC fleet.

Innovating in Sustainability with Unique Materials for HP’s New Consumer PCs

Since 2019, HP has used more than a billion pounds of recycled materials. Further expanding on the world’s most sustainable PC portfolio, the company is introducing new products and packaging at the forefront of enabling a more sustainable future.

Products designed for sustainability should be accessible to everyone, which is why HP is introducing highly innovative and unique products across its new consumer devices. The HP 14 and 15.6 inch Laptop PCs are available with either Intel or AMD Processors, and their beautifully compact design is made from ocean-bound plastics, post-consumer recycled plastics, as well as recycled metals. The HP 14 inch Laptop PC – Eco Edition takes sustainability to the next level, with up to 25% of the product leveraging post-consumer recycled plastics. Bio-circular content such as used cooking oil was integrated in the bottom cover of the device and this device will also feature packaging that is 100% sustainably sourced and recyclable.35 All of the new consumer notebooks are ENERGY STAR® certified and EPEAT® Silver Registered, with the Eco Edition version EPEAT Gold® Registered.

The HP 24 and 27 inch All-In-One PCs also leverage unique materials to create the innovative frame, making these HP’s most sustainable all-in-one offering yet. This is the world’s first PC with recycled coffee grounds, which are used as speckles in the finish of the PC. More than 40% of this all-in-one’s enclosure contains post-consumer recycled plastics, 75% recycled aluminum is used on the arm stand, and 100% reclaimed polyester is used on the stand base. The all-in-one is ENERGY STAR® and EPEAT® Gold Registered. Its sustainability goes beyond the device itself: the 100% sustainably sourced and recyclable box packaging has been reduced in size by 62%, which allows up to 66% more units per pallet, reducing the CO2 footprint.

And for HP products, once you’re done with the device, HP Planet Partners helps to get them either reused or recycled.

OMEN Gaming Goes to the Cloud

With the global gaming industry continuing to increase, HP is introducing cloud gaming through OMEN Gaming Hub and is the first Windows PC manufacturer with an integrated NVIDIA GeForce NOW solution. This huge addition gives gamers across the globe access to play over 1,450 titles from AAA to indie within a best-in-class cloud gaming service, regardless of the PC they game on. Combined with the ability to access local games with My Games and OMEN Optimizer, gamers have easier access than ever before to play their favorite titles with higher quality and framerates.

The OMEN 17 Laptop levels up to become HP’s most powerful gaming laptop with the addition of up to 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i9-13900HX processor and latest NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics, which utilizes OMEN Tempest Cooling Technology for desktop-caliber gaming. The OMEN Laptop is HP’s first to feature optical mechanical keys, which are 25 times faster than traditional keys, ensuring gamers have the tools they need to breeze through their favorite titles at home or on the go.

The OMEN 40L and 45L Desktops unlock new levels of extreme power with up to 13th Gen Intel®️ Core™ i9-13900K processor and up to NVIDIA®️ GeForce RTX™ 4090 to enable glorious 4K visuals and blistering high FPS in resolutions used for competitive gaming. For those opting to go with the 45L, they’ll enjoy more headroom for processor overclocking thanks to the OMEN Cryo Chamber™, a revolutionary patented CPU cooling solution that houses an all-in-one liquid cooler in a separate compartment atop the case. The OMEN 25L Desktop also gets an upgrade with the latest 13th Gen Intel®️ Core™ processors to keep games running faster than ever.

Pricing and Availability

  • The HP Dragonfly Pro Chromebook is expected to be available this spring at Pricing will be available closer to availability.
  • The HP Dragonfly Pro is expected to be available this spring at Pricing will be available closer to availability.
  • The HP Dragonfly G4 is expected to be available this spring. Pricing will be available closer to product availability.
  • The HP EliteBook 1040 G10 is expected to be available this spring. Pricing will be available closer to product availability.
  • The HP Elite x360 1040 G10 is expected to be available this spring. Pricing will be available closer to product availability.
  • The Poly Voyager Free 60 Series earbuds are expected to be available in March, starting at $299 at and It will also be available in a Microsoft Teams-certified version.
  • The HP E-Series G5 Monitors are expected to be available in January beginning at a starting price of $219 at
  • The HP M-Series Monitors are expected to be available this spring for a starting price of $209 at
  • The HP 620/625 FHD Webcam is expected to be available in January for $109.99 at
  • The HP 710 Rechargeable Silent Mouse is expected to be available in January for $79.99 at
  • The HP 14 and 15.6 inch Laptop PCs with AMD processors are expected to be available later this month for a starting price of $419.99 and $499.99 at The Intel versions are expected to be available later this spring; pricing will be available closer to availability.
  • The HP 14 inch Laptop PC – Eco Edition is expected to be available this summer at Pricing will be available closer to availability.
  • The HP 24 and 27 inch All-In-One PCs are expected to be available this spring at Pricing will be available closer to availability.
  • The OMEN 25L, 40L, and 45L Desktop PCs are expected to be available this winter. Pricing will be available closer to availability.
  • The OMEN 17 Laptop is expected to be available in January for a starting price of $1,699.99 at

HyperX, the gaming peripherals team at HP Inc. and brand leader in gaming and esports, today revealed HX3D, an exciting new program bringing gamers a range of ways to customize and personalize their favorite gaming gear by leveraging HP’s best-in-class 3D printing technology. HyperX will preview examples of personalized keyboards, headsets, mice, and other gaming  products during CES 2023. The first planned series of 3D printed peripheral upgrades are limited edition custom keycaps, designed to fit on HyperX and most other mechanical keyboards, available to consumers over the coming months.

HyperX will collaborate with game developers, esports teams, content creators, influencers, and internal creative teams to create and design fan-friendly products that can be used while gaming or collected as keepsakes or cherished collectibles.

During CES 2023, HyperX will showcase its first limited edition custom keycap, based on a unique HyperX Cozy Cat design developed by HyperX, and voted on by its gaming community. HX3D products are produced on HP Inc. 3D printers as part of the growing cooperation with HP Inc., leveraging their experience and bringing synergy, innovation and color printing skills to gaming. HyperX’s personalization products are manufactured using environmentally friendly re-used powder nylon.

Additional keycap drops are planned throughout the year with design collaborations planned with creators, influencers, ambassadors, and other celebrity and non-endemic partners.  With the introduction of HX3D, HyperX is bringing the next level of personalization to gaming. View a HyperX 3D personalization video here.


The HyperX Cozy Cat Keycap will be available in the U.S. through in January 2023. Pricing for this keycap is $19.99. For more information, please visit the HX3D product page.

Pricing from is subject to change without notice. Retailers’ pricing may vary.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, HyperX may experience some product and shipping delays. HyperX is taking every possible measure to work with partners to minimize the impact on its customers and ensure product availability and timely delivery.

Sustainable Tech Gift Ideas For The Conscious Consumer From HP

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Every year consumers are becoming more mindful of a gift’s journey they give to their loved ones, such as where the gifts are made, who they’re made by and what impact they have on the environment. This year, Canadians can take it one step further by purchasing gifts that are built with sustainability in mind and give back to the planet, too.

Listed below are a few gift ideas from HP for everyone on your list:

HP ENVY Inspire: For the family who is always on the go

Whether it’s printing a holiday recipe or making a festive craft, this versatile printer is designed for every kind of family fun. The HP ENVY Inspire delivers one-of-a-kind printing capabilities with custom two-sided printing and never lets you run out of ink with HP Instant Ink. This smart ink subscription automatically detects when your printer is running low and orders ink cartridges right to your door. The cartridges are smart for the planet too, as they require less packaging and fewer shipments – reducing energy usage by 69% and water usage by 70%.

Starting at $209.99

HP Laser Jet Pro: For the loved one with an entrepreneurial mind

Designed for small business owners, the HP LaserJet Pro Series printers have business-ready features that create a hassle-free printing experience and allow the entrepreneur in your life to focus on the things that matter most to their business. Combined with HP+, this secure and smart printing system is built with sustainability in mind, as for every page printed HP protects or restore forests through their Forest First initiative for the life of the printer.

Starting at $579.99

HP ENVY x360For the student in need of a laptop upgrade 

The HP ENVY x360 is a portable 2-in-1 laptop with a flexible 360 design, so the student in your life can level up both their work and creativity no matter where they are. As part of the world’s most sustainable PC portfolio, this ENERGY STAR certified laptop is also made with sustainable materials like ocean-bound plastics and recycled aluminum.

Starting at $1399.99

OMEN Gaming Laptop: For the gamer who is looking for a dynamic gaming experience 

HP’s OMEN Gaming Laptops are the perfect gift for the gamer who works hard and plays harder on your holiday list. This high-performance laptop brings a dynamic experience to gaming and is designed with ocean-bound plastics as well as recycled plastic and aluminum.

Starting at $1999.99

HP Unveils New Systems To Create A More Seamless Hybrid Work Experience

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Today at HP Amplify™ Executive Forum, HP Inc’s annual partner roadshow, the company announced new devices and solutions to help people thrive in their hybrid work environments.

With nearly half of workers having at least some flexibility in where they work in 2023, it’s critical for people to have the right technology to make personal connections and meaningful contributions while having an equal seat at the table. They want devices with personalized experiences that enable them to securely collaborate, create, and be productive no matter where they get work done. HP continues its commitment to provide the right tools for the ultimate work experience. New PCs include the HP Dragonfly Folio G3 – the hybrid-ready convertible PC for business, and the HP 34” All-in-One Desktop PC – a creative powerhouse that offers users a studio-like experience with support for dual video streams and camera switching. The new HP Z32k G3 4K USB-C Display provides an unprecedented level of detail, while the new HP 965 4K Streaming Webcam delivers crystal clear video. Enhancements to HP Proactive Insights empower IT to optimize the device experience for employees with the power of HP analytics.

Your new mobile office – HP Dragonfly Folio G3

HP continues to deliver premium experiences in its expanded Dragonfly portfolio. With a pull-forward design that seamlessly transitions from laptop to tablet, the HP Dragonfly Folio G3 empowers collaborative thinkers to create, capture, and share ideas whenever they strike. 

The HP Dragonfly Folio G3 makes brainstorming and whiteboarding ideas a personalized experience with natural and intelligent inking with the HP Dragonfly Folio Pen. The pen magnetically attaches to the device, features three programmable buttons, and can wirelessly charge to 100% in 30 minutes. Users can unleash even more creativity by using their pen on the display of the HP Dragonfly Folio to ink on a secondary connected display with HP Indirect Inking.

Enhanced by HP Presence, the HP Dragonfly Folio G3 offers collaboration features for more productive and engaging video conferencing experiences. The 8MP camera ensures users show up naturally and the 100-degree field-of-view makes it easy for another teammate to join onscreen when collaborating in person. When users want to think on their feet, HP Auto Frame keeps them in frame when they want to stand, stretch, or move around – perfect for days with back-to-back meetings. HP Dynamic Voice Leveling automatically adjusts voice volume to maintain consistency whether users are close or far from the microphone. When working remotely, users can worry less about background sounds with AI-based noise reduction that filters outbound and inbound noises. For added security, the HP Privacy Camera allows users to disable the webcam with the touch of a button.

Powered by Intel vPro® with 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, the HP Dragonfly Folio G3 can handle resource-intensive projects and demanding business applications with ease. For increased performance, it features upgraded memory with LPDDR5 up to 32GB and storage up to 2TB. A new thermal solution optimizes PC performance without adding significant weight or thickness. The new HP Auto Screen Dimming features helps conserve battery power for long work days.

HP Wolf Security for Business provides a resilient defense against malware and hacking, while new seamless firmware ensure 50% reduction in update time and allows users to stay productive and continue working during BIOS and firmware updates. HP Privacy Alert lets users know when prying eyes are viewing their screen so they can quickly switch on optional HP Sure View to blur the screen from unwanted eyes.

When it comes to personalizing the mobile office experience, the myHP application provides a single dashboard to control and customize PC settings for excellent video, audio, and more. 

Your new home studio – HP 34” All-in-One Desktop PC

75% of end users today believe video quality matters for their job success. Combining powerful, easy-to-use technology with an impressive design, the new HP 34” All-in-One Desktop PC creates a studio-like experience with support for dual video streams and camera switching, so you can show yourself and your work at the same time.

The HP 34” All-in-One Desktop PC allows users to move the detachable, magnetic 16MP (4MP Binned) camera to multiple positions on the screen bezel to find the best field of view. Users can even point the camera towards their desk so they can share hand-written notes or documents live on video calls. The high-resolution camera, together with new software, HP Keystone Correction, will automatically crop and flatten the image of the camera feed, creating a crisp, digital image of pages or a whiteboard to share in real time. When users need a break during video conference calls, the HP Be Right Back feature lets them change their video feed to a still picture.

A creative powerhouse, the HP 34” All-in-One Desktop PC delivers an immersive experience with an uncompromising 34-inch diagonal 5K display with 21:9 aspect so you can fit more work into your imaginative process. Users can experience deeper picture and vibrant colors with a 5K WUHD (5120×2160) display and reduce blue light wave exposure with the TÜV certified HP Eye Ease low blue light panel. As the world’s most powerful commercial All-in-One PC,27 users can take on big projects utilizing multiple applications with Intel vPro® with 12th Gen Intel® processors28 and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ graphics. The PC grows with the user with upgradable storage and memory up to 128GB DDR5.

Your new stunning digital canvas – HP Z32k G3 4K ​USB-C Display​

The HP Z32k G3 4K USB-C Display, the world’s first IPS Black display with Thunderbolt™ 4 technology, empowers creators and product developers to maximize their creative potential. Creators want an unprecedented level of detail, so it’s no surprise that 99% of creative pros and 90% of power users find color accuracy very important when purchasing a monitor. The latest Z performance monitor features IPS Black panel technology, which means deeper blacks, more vibrant colors, and a 98% P3 wide color range, all in 4K ultra-high resolution. Providing twice the contrast ratio of a traditional IPS panel, creations come to life and what is seen on the screen matches the imagination of the creator or product developer. With additional features like single power on, KVM switch, and Thunderbolt™ 4 with the ability to daisy chain a second 4K monitor with a single cable, the Z32k G3 delivers multi-device creative workflow versatility, all in a single solution.

Your new view into hybrid work – HP 965 4K Streaming Webcam

People want to make personal connections. With 73% of webcam users judging others based on video quality, and 75% judging others based on audio quality, the HP 965 4K Streaming Webcam empowers users to stream their most authentic self. Enhanced by HP Presence, the webcam delivers crystal-clear video in up to 4K resolution, while AI face-framing and autofocus makes it feel like users are in the room. User images and ideas stay vibrant with the 18mm F2.0 large lens and lowlight adjustment feature. Feel confident you are heard clearly with noise reduction and dual microphones. The webcam is also Zoom certified to deliver a superb conferencing experience with technologies designed to work seamlessly with Zoom.

Keeping employees productive and happy with HP Proactive Insights

HP Proactive Insights provides IT with advanced AI and actionable insights to help optimize the device experience for employees. The latest enhancements to the device fleet management service enable IT professionals and managed service providers to create and execute an optimized device strategy in a hybrid work environment. With many customers planning to upgrade to Windows 11, IT teams or channel partners managing on their behalf can run a Windows 11 Readiness Assessment to plan and implement an insights-driven migration strategy for their existing PCs. New, customizable analytics dashboards spot issues before they happen to help ensure firmware is up to date and devices stay connected. The new Digital Experience Scorecard enables HP Partners and IT to quantify the device experience for employees with key insights into device health, performance, and security across the fleet so that they can identify opportunities for improvement.

Pricing and Availability

  • The HP Dragonfly Folio G3 is available now for a starting price of $2,379.
  • The HP 34″ AiO Desktop PC is expected to be available in September for a starting price of $2,119.
  • The HP Z32k G3 4K USB-C Display is expected to be available in November. Pricing will be available closer to product availability.
  • The HP 965 4K Streaming Webcam is available now for $199 at
  • HP Proactive Insights is available to customers and channel partners as a stand-alone solution or through HP Device as a Service.

Stolen logins selling for same price as a gallon of gas on the Dark Web: HP Wolf Security Study

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Something that caught my attention today is a new cybercrime study from HP Wolf Security, revealing how it has never been cheaper or easier to be a cybercriminal.

Here are some key findings both in print and in graphics:  

  • Stolen remote desktop credentials – which allow an attacker to log into targets devices from anywhere – average at just $5. 
  • Malware and exploits that let cybercriminals infect and control machines are typically less than $10. 
  • ‘Noob friendly’ mentoring and hosting services are selling for a fraction of the price of IT qualifications. 

Here are some examples of advertisements on the dark web:

As the barriers to entry lower and the number of attackers get higher, the more likely Canadian businesses are at risk of becoming a target.

The Evolution of Cybercrime: Why the Dark Web is Supercharging the Threat Landscape and How to Fight Back gives an overview of how this cybercrime economy is emerging, actionable insights into what the future holds and advice on how to better defend against cybercriminals.