Why The G1 And Android Won’t Make It In The Corporate World

The T-Mobile G1 powered by Google’s Android OS has got a ton of ink today. But this phone is not for everyone, in particular it is not for the corporate types. Why? It’s simple, it’s missing two key functions that coporate types need:

  1. No Microsoft Exchange support: This is a major omission. Without Exchange support, there isn’t a reason for corporate types to use this phone. True, someone can develop support for Exchange. But it should have been there from the start because corporate types aren’t going to use Google Mail.
  2. No desktop syncing: Another major omission. Seeing as there’s no Exchange support, how do I get my contacts onto the phone? I guess I can do over the air syncs using a Google service. But using a consumer service for over the air syncs doesn’t inspire conference. Just look at MobileMe as an example of what could go wrong.

Don’t get me wrong. The G1 is an interesting phone, but I think it’s missing some things that would allow it to better compete in the corporate space. Perhaps Google should address these issues ASAP so that they can make the G1 more attractive.

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  1. Someone, will build them and quick. Thats the beauty of the platform. The opportunity is there for someone to create and sell these product for corporate customers.

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