Apple Market Share Hits 8%….Microsoft Should Take Note

As if Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer needs another reason to toss a chair, comes the news that Apple Marketshare has hit the 8% mark for the first time ever:

“In September, Apple’s operating system ran on 8.2% of the computers that accessed the 40,000 sites monitored by Net Applications for clients, the company’s data showed. The Mac’s share of the operating system market was up over August’s by nearly four-tenths of a percentage point, the biggest one-month gain since May.”

And to add insult to injury, Microsoft’s marketshare has dropped:

“Microsoft Corp.’s Windows, meanwhile, continued to slip in market share last month. Overall, Windows accounted for 90.3% of the operating systems powering the machines that accessed Net Applications’ metric network, a drop of 0.4 percentage points from August, when the operating system fell by nearly the same amount from July. That month was the last time that Windows maintained or grew its share”

This proves when you you are at the top of the hill, there’s no place to go but down. It probably doesn’t help that they came out with an operating system that sucks isn’t setting the world on fire either.

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