Judge Rules That Palin Must Save Her E-mails… Republicans Are Not Happy

A judge in Alaska has ruled that Republican V.P. Candidate and MILF Sarah Palin must save the e-mails in her Yahoo accounts. These would be the same Yahoo accounts that were recently hacked and the contents posted online:

Superior Court Judge Craig Stowers on Friday also ordered Alaska’s attorney general to recover messages from a Yahoo.com account of Palin’s that was breached by hackers last month. That break-in prompted Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign to order closed at least one additional private account Palin maintained.

The judge issued the orders at the request of Andree McLeod, an Anchorage activist whose pursuit of Palin’s e-mails revealed that the governor did considerable state business from a Yahoo e-mail address — an arrangement that avoided the safeguards and accountability of the state’s secure e-mail system.

Well that sucks if you’re Palin. And I’m sure that the Republicans didn’t need this news at this precise moment seeing as Obama is widening his lead on McCain.

Finally, someone sees that what Palin did with these Yahoo e-mail addresses was less than legal at best and steps need to be taken to protect the public record. One has to wonder if she’s doing stuff like this as Governor, what would she do as vice president.

Perhaps Ms. Palin would care to answer that. I’m sure Americans would like to know.

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