Technology Issues Appear In The Dying Days Of The Canadian Election

In the dying days of the Canadian election, there’s news from the copyright reform front as well on the net neutrality front. I’ll start with copyright reform. The Conservatives have served notice via a platform document that they will reintroduce their copyright reform bill if re-elected:

“A re-elected Conservative government led by Stephen Harper will reintroduce federal copyright legislation that strikes the appropriate balance among the rights of musicians, artists, programmers and other creators and brings Canada’s intellectual property protection in line with that of other industrialized countries, but also protects consumers who want to access copyright works for their personal use,” the platform document says.

Well that sucks. Their last attempt at this was an American inspired bill that was dead on arrival in the view of many Canadians. The Conseratives have just given many Canadians one more reason not to vote for them.

Next there’s NDP leader Jack Layton who thanks Internet users for bringing issues like Net Neutrality and copyright reform to the table during this election. Take a look here:

So if you’re Canadian, take a look at both these items before you visit your local polling station on Tuesday. They may help you decide whom to vote for.

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