Psystar And Apple Head To Mediation…. Peace In Our Time?

Psystar and Apple have agreed to alternative dispute resolution. This does a bunch of things for either or both parties. For starters it makes everything secret, which is Apple’s favorite word. It also reduces legal costs which works for Psystar. It would also will eliminate any rulings that would set a precedent over Psystar’s claim that Apple is violating anti-trust laws by tying Mac OS X to only their hardware and thus creating a monopoly, which is great for Apple. However, it could eliminate their line of open-computing Mac-compatible PCs, which would mean that if Apple loses the opposite is true. So there’s a lot a stake here for both parties. I’m really not sure how this will go, or how to read this.

You can download the full details here [Warning: PDF]. Pearhaps someone will chime in with some thoughts.

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  1. Apple does not want to take the chance of being declared a monopoly! Just think of the outcry of the fanbois if it were to happen! The Steve would not be all infallible any longer!

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