Apple Fanbois Start Petitions To Get Matte Screens And Firewire In Macbooks

Ticked off Apple Fanbois are never good for Apple. Case in point, Apple has decided not to put Firewire in Macbooks (they are available in the Macbook Pro) and all Macbooks regardless of type have glossy screens with no Matte option. As a result of this, the Fanbois have started two petitions that demand that Apple do something about these oversights. You can get the Firewire one here and the matte screen one here.

I must admit that when I looked at the Macbooks on Saturday at my local Temple Of Steve Jobs Apple Store, the glare from these glossy screens would have made me not buy them had I been in the market for one. The glare makes these notebooks unusable in a lot of places. As for the lack of Firewire, another epic fail. It basically takes away the ability for people who own Firewire based DV camcorders to edit video without dropping cash on a new camcorder that has USB. Or it forces them to drop some cash on a Macbook Pro. It also strikes me as odd that Apple who invented Firewire would drop it from some of their computers.

For what it’s worth, the Firewire one seems to be getting the most traction as it has over 9000 signatures. The Matte screen one only has just over 170 signatures. I’ll keep tabs on this and see where this goes.

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