Canada Gets A New Industry Minister…. Hope He’s Better Than The Last One…

I’ve been very critical of the totally useless and completley impotent outgoing Industry Minister Jim Prentice in the past. Well, there’s a new Industry Minister in town and his name is Tony Clement. He got the job as part of Prime Minister Stephen Haprer’s cabinet shuffle that came out of the recent Canadian Election. Clement has his share of critics when he was Minister Of Health because he objected to the existence of a safe injection site in B.C. called Insite. However he won praise when he was the Minister Of Health in the Provnce of Ontario during the SARS crisis in 2003. So who knows which Tony Clement we’ll get. But I will say that this is the man whom people who care about Copyright reform and Net Neutrality should e-mail so that he fully understands those issues and does a better job then the the loser person who came before him.

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