Sony Laptop Batteries Get Recalled Again Because Of Fire Hazard

What’s the deal with Sony and their laptop batteries?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission in the US has announced a recall of about 35,000 laptop batteries from Sony, after several reports of fires. Nineteen consumers have reported the batteries overheating. 17 reported flames, and two suffered minor burns. The affected laptops come from HP, Dell, and Toshiba. This comes after a similar issue prompted a recall that affected hundred of thousands of laptops last month, and another recall that affected many more laptops than that in 2006.

Here’s a video in Japanese that shows what can happen to these batteries:

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  1. Scary video!

    Just to correct one item, the video is in, I suspect, Korean, as the subtitles are in Korean. I’ve lived in Japan for a few years; never heard Japanese sounding like that!

  2. thankyou

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