iPhone Unlocker Discovers Crashing Vulnerability… And Tries To Use It To Get A Job At Apple….WTF?

This is pretty strange if you ask me. Forbes is reporting that Piergiorgio Zambrini who is best known for creating the iPhone unlocking tool “Ziphone” has discovered a vulnerability that crashes the iPhone:

The bug Zambrini found is in the audio portion of Apple’s video format. Knowing the bug exists, someone could write a program that incorporates the bug into a video file and trigger a crash whenever an iPhone attempts to run that file. The bug, which is located in a shared code library that is used across most Apple operating systems and some Linux ones as well, doesn’t appear to cause any permanent damage, but immediately sends the device into a panic that leads to a lengthy reboot.”

Here’s where it gets weird. When he discovered the bug back in July, he also sent in a job application to Apple to become an iPhone security engineer. But he claims that his intention is not to land a job with Apple:

Is that why he applied for a job with Apple? “My target is not to work for Apple, but who knows?” Zambrini says. “Just maybe a chat with someone there–with Steve Jobs if possible–could lead to anything,” he says. Zambrini acknowledges that the donation model that has allowed him to work as an independent security consultant, but says his bug discovery isn’t worth very much to anyone outside of Apple. “People will never donate something just to see a phone crash,” he says.”

Maybe. But his discovery could be a gateway to more dangerous things.

Oh, I think his chances of working for Apple are pretty much zero. He’s unlocked the iPhone and now he’s discovered this vulnerability and went public with it. I seriously doubt their HR department is going to give this guy a second look after all of that.

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