Dell Tells Its Employees To Take Five Unpaid Days Off…. Ontario Residents Think This Sounds Familiar

So, you’re an employee and you’re just minding your own business when the news arrives that you have to take a total of five unpaid vacation days in the next three months to help the company out. What do you do? That’s the problem that Dell employees are facing right now according to this story. According to a Dell sock puppet spokesperson:

“We are asking employees on a voluntary basis to consider taking off (up to) five days … as unpaid time off as a flexible way to reduce costs for the company.”

That’s got to suck. But this isn’t a new idea. Former Ontario (Canada) Premier Bob Rae introduced a “Social Contract” to cut the cost of government. Among other things, it mandated that civil servants had to take unpaid days off. While it did save a pile of money and kept people from being laid off, it did cost Rae in the following election.

In Dell’s case, we shall see what the negative effects are.

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