Hack In Pakistan, Get Death Penalty…. Makes Jail Time Look Like A Vacation

In North America, you hack and get caught, you do some time. Then you become a security consultant and cash in on your fame infamy. But in Paikistan, if you hack you could die according to Reuters:

“Whoever commits the offence of cyber terrorism and causes death of any person shall be punishable with death or imprisonment for life,” according to a copy of the ordinance, published by the state-run APP news agency.

Okay, so exactly what do you have to do to get the death penalty? Simple:

The ordinance listed several definitions of a “terroristic act” including stealing or copying, or attempting to steal or copy, classified information necessary to manufacture any form of chemical, biological or nuclear weapon.

The latter is important seeing as Pakistan has nukes, and they have a terrorist problem that they need to solve before someone solves it for them. There are lesser punishments like 10 years in prison for some crimes, but death seems harsh to me. But I guess they have to show some backbone to make it look like they’re serious about this.

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