EX-IBM Exec Told To Stop Working For Apple

According to ComputerWorld, A US District Court Judge on Friday told ex-IBM Exec Mark Papermaster to stop working for Apple (click here to see why Apple wants him):

U.S. District Court Judge Kenneth Karas ruled that Mark Papermaster, who was announced as Apple’s new vice president of devices hardware engineering only last Tuesday, must “immediately cease his employment with Apple Inc. until further order of this court.” Karas did not explain his reasons for the order, saying only that he would issue an opinion at a later date.

If you read the rest of this story, you’ll note that Papermaster claims that when he gave his two weeks notice, IBM let him work the two weeks instead of walking him out the door. Wow. I’ve had security escort me out the door upon giving my two weeks notice and had my personal items show up in a box a few days later. And I wasn’t an exec at one of the biggest computer companies in the world at the time. If that’s true, you have to wonder what IBM was thinking. Either that, or he’s not as much of a risk to them as they would lead you to believe.

I’m expecting Apple to send in the iLawyers at any moment.

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